Making Memories

Here is one of my old favorite photos that awakened my interest in digital photography on a bright spring day. I knew from then on, that nature photography would always be a part of my life.

Yellow and orange sunflower petals and pollen on a black background
I was working in my yard at Abney Lane, near Dallas GA and I accidentally broke off a stem with small sunflower in all it’s glory. I was going to just toss it in the compost bin but it was so beautiful and the color got my attention. I remember that day fondly because of how vibrant the spring garden was.
As a photo, it is way over saturated and contrasty but I don’t have the original. But it’s not so bad as Abstract Art! I think I took it with my Canon G1, which was my first digital camera and the first in their successful “G” series.

All the photos on this site are mine, unless otherwise stated. I will try to make them high quality and integrated with the content. Technically I could call myself a professional photographer since I have gotten paid for some of my work. As I build my portfolio here, I may start selling prints because I’m sure some will resonate with fellow gardeners and nature lovers.