LogRock Garden Design

I design and build gardens using natural materials like logs and rocks for structure, leaves for mulch and and woodchips for paths. My emphasis is on building soil and encouraging biodiversity for a resilient ecosystem centered around your home and lifestyle. My ideal client is someone interested in cooperating with nature, getting their hands dirty and doing some of the work. You’ll grow food, medicine and nurture beautiful things, becoming part of the dynamic, regenerative cycle of the seasons and the abundance of the earth. Part of our design should include a quiet space for rest and contemplation. I can coach you on all of this.

My initial role is designer and consultant. It starts with a walkabout on your property to assess the scope of your project and whether we want to work together. This is free of charge since it’s simply a conversation and exchange of ideas.

Then, if you want you can hire me for further work:

  1. Draw up a master plan, including a map and sequence of subprojects.
  2. Create detailed designs for subprojects with materials, costs and plant suggestions.
  3. Take on the role of general contractor to supervise workers or volunteers as necessary and be your single point of contact.
  4. Actually do some of the terraforming, construction and planting.

At any point in the process you can take over and do the work yourself but still hire me by the hour, on-site as your consultant and garden coach.