Icy Looking Glass Falls

The temp was 12F which is cold for this part of the world. But this morning I wanted to see an icy waterfall, so I put on my warmest clothes, took my coffee, camera and tripod and headed north on Hwy 276.

12F at 7:04 am

Like most falls that drop more than a few feet, there is a constant mist soaking everything nearby, encouraging moss and ferns to grow.  However, when the air temp has been well below freezing all night, everything is sheathed in ice. Here is a series of photos I took this morning. The blurriness of some is because of ice on the lens filter which I had to scrape off with my fingernail. It made a “romantic”, vignette effect … completely unplanned, but nice. As usual, I slightly increased the contrast and deepened the colors to make it look more like what I actually saw. Compare these with ones taken in the fall.

Overview of Icy Falls

Closeup of icy falls

Closer up of falls

Falls with icy branches

Bent icicles

Pointy log in icy stream

Icy tree trunk

The view downstream

Looking Glass Falls is a few miles north of Brevard on Hwy 276 and is visible on the right side of the road with easy concrete stairs going down to near the base, making it VERY popular when the weather is nice. However, I was the only one there this morning.

Ron standing on the walk in front of Looking Glass Falls