Suet Feeder Shenanigans

It seems that spring brings out all kinds of characters …. Today is the first time I’ve seen a Pileated Woodpecker this close to the house, although I’ve heard him in the nearby woods. This Red Bellied Woodpecker fends off a challenge from a larger Blue Jay, while a Brown Thrasher looks on. Here’s proof … Read more

Spring Flowers Awakening

The bright daffodils have always meant spring to me, but this morning I saw them in a whole new light, thanks to something I read. Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature. The first recognition of … Read more

RockWall HDR

This wall caught my attention one morning as the sun brought out the texture of the rocks. So I thought I should set up for another HDR shot. It’s at the Pisgah Forest ranger station on Hwy 276 just north of Brevard, NC (35.284425, -82.727318)

Icy Looking Glass Falls

The temp was 12F which is cold for this part of the world. But this morning I wanted to see an icy waterfall, so I put on my warmest clothes, took my coffee, camera and tripod and headed north on Hwy 276. Like most falls that drop more than a few feet, there is a … Read more

Sibly Pond Reflections

I think this is a nice abstract taken of a reflection of trees and leaves at Sibley Pond in Marietta GA. I went down to this peaceful place one morning in May 2015 to meditate and think about the commitment I just made to move away from Marietta and basically start a new life in … Read more

Looking Glass Falls

Just a few miles north of Brevard on Hwy 276 is this most accessible, picturesque and classic waterfall. You can literally see it from your car, but it is worth getting out and walking down to on the well maintained boardwalk any time or day of the year (especially in the early morning when it’s … Read more

Making Memories

Here is one of my old favorite photos that awakened my interest in digital photography on a bright spring day. I knew from then on, that nature photography would always be a part of my life. All the photos on this site are mine, unless otherwise stated. I will try to make them high quality … Read more