First Fruit in the PawPaw Patch

PawPaw Fruit

The two PawPaw trees finally have fruit on them!

PawPaw Green Fruit
This is reportedly the first year they’ve had fruit, even though the two trees are 6 years old. All I did was clear away some weeds in early spring and add some plant-tone and mulch.

And here is the beautiful leafy tree, looking very tropical with its big shiny leaves.

PawPaw Tree

Also there are many shoots coming up. Some are older but some are new this year. Their natural growth habit is to form a patch, and not a single tree like an apple or a large bush like a fig.

PawPaw Shoots

This fall or winter I will plant one or two more nearby to increase the genetic diversity and pollination rate. These will be named grafted varieties with known superior fruit as opposed to wild ones which I suppose these are.