Here’s a batch of fresh, ripe Sauerkraut, ready for the fridge. The basic recipe requires only local organic cabbage, sea salt, and optionally a small amount of organic whey to give it a kick-start.

Different sized jars of saurkraut
2 gallon batch of kraut ready to refrigerate, or eat

A Healthy Kefir Batch

It’s real cream colored, not blue which is just the shadow of the strainer.

Kefer srtaining into into a steel bowl
A healthy Kefir culture being strained out

Banana Kefir Egg Smoothie

Are you starving and needing something delicious right now that’s not junk?

Banana Kefir Egg smoothie in a glass

This is creamy, sweet, zingy, aromatic, full bodied, filling, easy, fast, portable and packed with real food.

If you have an immersion blender, just throw in a banana, a raw egg, some kefir (or yogurt, buttermilk or whole milk), add a few drops of vanilla extract and a teaspoon or two of maple syrup and whip it up. Sprinkle some fresh grated cinnamon on top.

Sip this while you are making the rest of your meal or dump it into a to-go cup. The nutritional value and flavor of this (or any food you make) is ramped up if you use organic ingredients, eggs from your favorite chicken lady and home made kefir or yogurt that has no sugar added.

Christmas Kombucha

This is one bottle of several that I added cherry and apple juice to for the second fermentation. It made a wonderful color which I tried to capture in this HDR photo.

A fresh bottle of Christmas Kombucha

If I ever create a commercial product, each bottle would come with a scoby like this one so anyone could start their own continuous supply if they wanted to. It is also important that it is drinkable “straight” which means it has to have the right balance of sweet, tart and fizzy.


Here is something to look forward to …
Tomato Sandwich Deluxe

This section is the home of PappaRon’s real food basic recipes.

Stuff I regularly make for myself or friends and family.

Main Meals
Meatloaf (with smoked option)
Pulled Pork (or any meat)
Roasted Chicken (easier than you think)
Savory Rice (cooked in bone broth)
Oxtail Stew (beefiest thing on the planet)
Borsht (mixed garden vegetable soup)
Shishliki (marinated lamb kabobs)
Stuff In A Pan (use a frying pan like a wok)
Deluxe Tomato Sandwiches

Sides, Beverages and Intermediates
Bone Broth
Nutritional Coffee (feed your nervous system)

Apple Pie
Bark Chocolate
Best Popcorn Ever