About Me

Although I’ve worked as a software engineer in corporate America most of my career, my love has always been the outdoors, and most recently ecological home gardening.  I’m now officially retired, but still offering my expertise to my community in exchange for dollars.

I’m a Certified Permaculture Designer and am constantly observing and learning by doing.  Organic gardening and edible landscaping have been my playground for years, but now I’m doing it professionally. So if you want help or advice on improving your garden, I’ll be glad to do a walkabout with you free of charge if you live nearby.

Currently I live in Travelers Rest SC, with Angela (of Natural High Massage) where we’re creating a suburban oasis and setting some goals for a long and happy life.  Before that I was in Brevard NC for several years where I designed and started to create a 3.5 acre food forest, and did a lot of garden projects for others.  Before that, I lived near Dallas GA where I converted our pine tree filled back yard into an organic, permaculture-ish garden paradise with fruit trees, flowers, herbs, mushrooms and vegetables of all kinds.  I grew heirloom plants and tomatoes, garlic and greens for the local farmers market in Marietta, GA and operated a small plant nursery which grew and sold Hardy Kiwi and Musk Strawberry plants through an online store.

Growing up, my family used to go back to “the farm” for a couple of weeks every summer which instilled in me a love of country living, wholesome food and family. So I’m going back to my roots. My Russian-Canadian mum made sauerkraut and kvass and all kinds of traditional foods pretty much from scratch while I watched and helped. So, now I make Kombucha as a hobby in 6 gallon batches, and make ‘Kraut whenever I have the space and time.

I also am a very visual person so I love capturing photos and videos that tell a story. All the photos and videos on this website are mine, unless otherwise noted.  Although this website is primarily to build credibility and promote my business ventures, most of the content will be in my blog which could contain anything. You may also see some affiliate links for products I use and love.

Thanks for visiting. The social media I use mostly is FaceBook and google+,
I also have profiles on LinkedIn and about.me.