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My approach to gardening is to work WITH nature to create beautiful outdoor spaces that not only grow food, but encourage a diverse and healthy ecosystem.
Below is the front of my old business card

Ron Strilaeff Old Business Card

The front has a praying mantis on it because their presence in a garden is usually a good indicator of ecological health and always make me happy.
They eat the bugs that want to eat your good plants.


Here is the back of my business card:

Gardening Business Card Back

The back has a list of projects that I can do for you. I hope something here inspires you or at least makes you curious about the possibilities. The background boot print means that I will actually get the work done personally and you can help if you like.

The yard map and master plan is important for understanding your local environment and to set priorities so the work we do fits into the broader picture.


How do we get started?

Call me and we’ll set up an appointment to “walkabout” your yard and together decide what needs to be done. I work on the assumption that your garden is or will be a big part of your life and you want to enjoy growing some of your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers or mushrooms or whatever. Also, every garden should have a beautiful outdoor living space to relax, meditate or just “commune with nature”.

I avoid the use of power tools, and never use poisons or synthetic fertilizers.

Here is my contact information:
(828) 606-7576 (voice or text)

The social media I use mostly is FaceBook and google+,
I also have profiles on LinkedIn and about.me.